A lovely sunny morning here in North Wales, but despite a nip in the air, things are growing – and are very welcome. My efforts this week may not be as colourful as others’ so if it colour you’re after, take a look at The Propagator’s blog, and check out the links in the comments for a Spring feast for the eyes.

This week’s featured image is purple sprouting broccoli – one survivor in my raised beds. There may be sprouts too. Finally!

The ups and downs of the weather over the last week (snow on Monday and Tuesday) hasn’t affected the clematis Montana on the trellis in The Shady Border – the white (left) is always a few weeks behind the pink (right).

The lovely lemon balm I dug out of the front garden and dumped in these pots have survived. I have just snipped the dead twigs and removed last year’s leaves.

It’s a disaaaster daaahhhling

A casualty from Good Friday’s conservatory spring clean – a snapped branch on this whatever-it-is. I thought it was an aloe vera but it grows too tall though it has similar sap. Obviously I didn’t put it back in exactly the same spot and the weight of the branch proved too much. I need the secateurs to remove it completely later.

We need to talk about . . . bulb baskets!

I didn’t know these existed. It’s going to make a big difference in the front border. I can dig the alliums up when they’ve flowered and put them behind the garage. I could even have some in the raised beds next winter/spring and take them out when I need to plant my veg. A moveable bulb feast. I bought 20 (the more you buy the cheaper they were).

That’s one butternut squash seedling so far, a 25% success rate!

I have temporarily buried the Jerusalem artichokes into these 8 inch pots. By the time they develop shoots, it should be warmer weather and I’ll have my patio tidied and ready for growing bags and large pots . . .

. . . maybe.