Six on Saturday: 1 May 2021

Sunny and warm on Monday; rain showers on Tuesday; cold and wet on Wednesday; cold and hailstones on Thursday; frost on Friday. This morning started sunny so I’ve put my peas, beans, sweetpeas and dwarf raspberry outside. I wonder how long it will be before I have to recue them from hail. sleet or snow?

Last Monday evening, we ate the first home-grown salad of the year, consisting of mizuna leaves, flat parsley, and red-veined sorrel. (We had the same again last night with the addition of red salad bowl leaves) All of these were the only survivors of last year’s failed experiment to grow salad crops all year round; after months with little or no growth, they finally got going in March.

In the front border, the alliums and nectaroscordum are growing well, with allium ‘Aflatunense’ (top left) showing the first flower buds despite the drumstick alliums (top right) being the first into leaf. Allium caeruleum is bottom left, nectorpscordum – with weird twisted leaves – is bottom right.

The lavender border has perked up after the recent rain. I didn’t get round to giving the fuchsia a second trim because of the cold weather earlier in the year but I’ll remove a couple of lower limbs once it starts flowering to open it up.

The other fuchsias (in pots by the front door) have suffered with the cold. Fooled by sunny weather in March, I tidied them up, removing dead stems. One is doing well, the other looks dead – but there is hope with one small leaf bud at the base.

The clematis in the Shady Border were planted in August 2018 and while there are many more buds than previously, the weather is holding them back this year.

The weather doesn’t appear to have affected well-established plants in the front border as peonies, iris, and astilbe have had a sudden growth spurt.

Last week, someone asked what size was a particular pot (I think a 20 litre pot was mentioned), I also struggle to visualise pot sizes, so I dug out this size guide to share (pots differ depending on the manufacturer but it gives a rough idea). I’ve also given it its own page (and tagged it) so I won’t have to scroll through mountains of posts. I should print it off and pin it up in the potting shed.

Happy gardening, whatever the weather where you are. I have 27 days to go on my course, revision to do, and 5,000 words to write, but I’ll still make time to read your sixes, courtesty of The Progagator.

5 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 1 May 2021

  1. The weather is equally unpredictable here, Eileen and is generally miserable. We cover everything in the glasshouses with fleece each evening. Along with that, it has been very dry and we have been watering pots and newly planted things in the garden. Rain is forecast for tonight!

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  2. I was asking about pot sizes in terms of litres and sizes. Someone, maybe Mr P, was referring to a 60litre pot and I was curious. I grow fruit and veg in a lot of large pots so I can strategically place them in sun, shade or part shade according to the time of year. They are especially good for salad crops and in winter I make mini greenhouses to cover them for extra warmth. I am going to print this chart and pin it to my noticeboard.

    Do you like Radish?if so try the very long radish that look like carrots. You’d need a very deep pot because the one I picked last night was 12 inches long! but they grow quickly and are delicious.

    I tried to grow salad all year at it is difficult. Although I am conducting an experiment growing lettuce as baby leaves.

    thanks for the chart 🙂

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  3. Still very cold here as well, Eileen. Grateful for some rain, but thought I’d never be saying that in May!
    Lavender looks great!
    Best wishes for the last leg of the study journey.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 We’ve had plenty of light rain showers so far today, though the forecast is for strong winds on the west coast of Wales, though not expected to reach us in the east. I must check my water butts, though I doubt they’re overflowing yet.


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