Our niece in Gallashiels woke to a couple of inches of snow on Wednesday; we had rain in North Wales. Lots and lots of rain so far today, so it’s a good job I prepared this yesterday otherwise I’d have nothing to share for this week’s Six on Saturday.

Happily all four waterbutts are full to overflowing, yet a national newspaper has reported May heatwave is on the cards soon; but only after more wintry weather in ‘the North’. But though the temperature is set to increase, blustery winds are expected.

Wait for it . . .

(1) I’m still waiting for the first clemetis montana flowers to open fully, this is as good as it’s going to get until the weather warms up. Adam Frost, who presented last night’s Gardener’s World said everything in his garden is about 3 weeks behind; he lives in Lincolnshire – I’d say my garden is further behind again.

(2) Faring slightly better are these two pots of lemon balm. I removed and divided a large clump from the front garden last autumn and wondered if they would survive, but here they are looking very healthy.

(3) After their light pruning a few weeks ago, these fuchsias at the back of the raised beds are also doing well. Hopefully they will attract lots of pollinating insects to the veg beds.

(4) Since I repotted all my spider plants last year (in new compost, but not houseplant compost), I have had problems with fungus gnats. Fed up with hoovering them up from the dining room windowsill every week, I invested in some of these sticky fly-catchers. I only opened them yesterday so time will tell if they (it) works.

(5) I think I can safely say that these sempervivums may have survived the winter (in the Tiny Greenhouse), but they’ve not survived the recent cold, frost, snow or rain. I’ll see if any recover before using the box for something else (sedums perhaps).

(6) With several of my pea plants planning their escape from their root trainers, I have thrown caution to the wind and planted FIVE of the tallest in the garden. Then the sun went in and a cold wind blew – so I’ve made them their own mini-greenhouse out of extra canes, bubble-wrap, clothes pegs and a bin-liner. Should the weekend temperatures exceed 10’c and the rain stop, it’s a matter of seconds to remove/open the bubble-wrap to allow air circulation.

That’s it from a very soggy North Wales, With my final creative writing assignment deadline looming (less that 3 weeks), it’s head down and no distractions (at least until my coffee break).