Six on Saturday: 15 May 2021

What a miserable May morning. Showers, and more to come, which is great for the things already growing in the garden, but not for any seeds I want to sow directly into the ground. That’s enough moaning about the weather. There are my more colourful offerings for this week’s Six on Saturday as orchestrated by The Propagator.

A symphony in Pink as, finally, the clematis is flowering. A week or two before the white shows its face . . .

Singing the Blues as the final flowers in my blue pots fade away.

An aria of alliums – well not quite, but this one is ready to explode (in your own time).

London Pride is a flower that’s free according to the song by Noel Coward. Mine was – from my mum’s garden and has been lining the edge of the front border with delicate flowers for nearly thirty years, though this one hasn’t quite woken up.

This peony is waiting for its moment in the spotlight, getting ready to dance with the roses.

Stately Solomon’s Seal – lovely while it lasts but in the wrong place. It’s time to move it, move it!

Happy wet weekend everyone.

3 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 15 May 2021

  1. I have seen from tv weather reports that you have had dreadful weather. Here, it has been bad with lots of showers and worse to come this week. We can only make the best of it.

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