Six on Saturday: 22 May 2021

Yesterday, I thought I’d be taking all my photographs for The Propagator’s Six on Saturday event through the windows as it hasn’t stopped raining for more than twenty minutes each day. But I managed a quick dash around the garden between showers this morning.

This allium aflatunense is the first to open, flowing right on cue (May/June) with another six buds on their way. It’s a little darker than the photograph shows here.

This dark purple aquilegia survived the cull last year and will co-ordinate nicely with the iris when it opens.

I did take these two photographs last night, through my dining room window, just to show how lush everything is now, finally, looking.

The London Pride and Solomon’s Seal have really come on in the last week.

And the white clematis montana is now flowering and merging with the pink.

There is chaos in the village this morning as work has started in the garden of a bungalow that was sold in April. The garden is quite large at the front and was a sloping drive between two raised flat lawns. It appears the smaller lawn (towards the white house) is being dug out and the soil carted away. How much of the garden will disappear remains to be seen. However, the people who have bought it are new to the area, haven’t yet moved in, and don’t realise that the work they are doing may increase the risk of flooding from the field behind the property. The icing on the cake would be if they park a caravan there.

In other news, I have almost, but not quite, completed the first year of my Open University degree; whether I continue with the second year depends on passing the first year. The deadline for my final assignment is next Thurday (27th), I’ll submit mine on Monday – just needs a couple of tweaks and a final check for spelling, punctuation and eroneous clichés.

While completing the course doesn’t mean I can kick back and relax over the summer (I’ve got reading to do and writing exercises to complete to keep my brain ticking over), it will allow me more time in the garden and, hopefully, at the allotment – all depending on the weather of course.

I’ll leave you with an update on the work at Park in the Past, where access to our allotments is, apparently, extremely muddy. Keep an eye open for our two greenhouses in the background.

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 22 May 2021

  1. I think that plants like the Clematis and Solomon’s Seal love all this rain, they look so healthy for it, if that’s any consolation 😉 Good luck with your first year results, how many years in total for the course?


  2. The Alliums are looking lovely, and it is good to see everything greening up again. Lovely Clematis! The pink and white must look lovely together. There is lots happening in your garden. You will appreciate the extra time for gardening during the summer break. All the best for the results.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I only planted the clemetis in 2018 so they were too small to mix them, but they seem to be managing all on their own. I had hoped that the other three patches of alliums I planted at the same time would at least have buds on, but no sign yet, though the nectoroscordum has some buds, so fingers cross for that flowering soon.

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