With some – finally – sunny, warm and dry weather, and a couple of medical appointments looming, Thursday 27 May was ideal for a quick visit to the allotment. The best news is, that with a car boot full of things for the allotment, we can now drive down our lovely new access road, which saved hauling everything by hand.

The onions are growing well, and I sowed some carrot seeds in that gap (and the same the other end).

But the day was all about trialling my first Compost Trench. Just a month ago, I wrote a post about trench composting as I thought it would be one way to sort out the terrible soil in the raised bed. After saving all our kitchen waste for a month, plus scraping the top layer out of the full compost bin, and handing my neighbour’s partner a bin liner and asking nicely for his grass cuttings, I had enough ‘green’ waste to have a go.

With two of us digging from opposite sides, we managed four trenches and two ‘cat-holes’ before we ran out of scraps and energy. And then I sowed Parsnip seeds and Brussels Sprouts seeds (I know these should have been started indoors in February but it was far too cold); they’ll either grow – or not.

I also checked on the potatoes I planted a month ago. At first, it looked as though nothing was happening, but there are a few shoots with reddish-bronze foliage, so I assume these are the ‘Red Duke of York’ first earlies. We won’t be eating any home-grown new potatoes in June!