Last Sunday, I decided to take advantage of yet another rain shower by mixing lots of annual seeds together – a pinch of cornflowers, a sprinkle of campanulas, a nip of nasturtiums, added to some of the bee-friendly wildflowers from a packet I bought last year. Then I scattered them onto any patch of bare soil I could see in the front border and left them to get on with it. I’ve had annual seeds in trays and modules in the greenhouse for weeks and they’ve done nothing (or very little), so here goes nothing! Watch this space.

This pot of allium ‘Purple Sensation’ appears to have drowned in this month’s rain. I’ve had it undercover for two weeks with little sign of recovery.

This is the pot of perennial sweetpeas I was about to dump a few months ago, until I noticed new growth. No sign of any flowers yet.

It’s that time of year when I start complaining about my neighbour’s trees. Not only is this one hanging over his (still) unmended wall, it’s overhanging the pavement and blocking our view of oncoming traffic as we attempt to leave our drive. It won’t be there for much longer though.

This tiny moss is growing on the mortar at the top of the front wall, it’s fascinating to see it creep along the gap. A little more each time I look.

I intend to revamp the sedum bed this summer. The plan is to move the herbs from the other bed and rebuild that one (I’m thinking a step effect), then move the sedums there, where they will be in full sun from midday to late evening. I’ll also add in some larger stones to give it more interest,

The wildflower seeds are in amongst this lot, so will have to fight for survival.

It’s Bank Holiday weekend; I’ve had my second Covid jab at 8:30 this morning; the sun is shining, and I have a cappuccino at hand while I relax and read other Sixes on Saturday shared via The Propagator‘s blog.

Official studies are completed, all assignments submitted by before the deadline. Just a nailbiting seven weeks to wait for the results when I’ll know if I can proceed to Year Two starting in October. More time for gardening!