Six on Saturday: 5th June

A week (nearly) of hot and dry weather, I should really take advantage and sow more vegetable seeds – but I have Jerusalem artichokes to pot on and tomato plants that absolutely must go into growbags this weekend. So, I’m off to the garden centre to hunt some down – six will do for now – enough for 12 tomatoes (I cut them in half and use the bag as a pot). This year, they will all be grown in the Tiny Greenhouse, so I’ll have to clear that too. But I’l be back later to read other Sixes when it’s too hot to work outside,

The first iris came out last Sunday – slightly darker in colour than it shows here – by Thursday, there was quite a show. Gorgeous, and much admired by passers-by. I thinned these out by half last year.

Alliums are featuring this week. Still just the one clump flowering so far, but plenty of buds on the others. Each seems to produce a flower stalk in a different way.

At either end of the lavender border cotoneaster and fuchsia flowers are emerging and driving the bees wild.

With sun (and heat) this week, the lion’s mask water feature has made a welcome return. There was a moment when we thought the pump wasn’t going to work, but all was well in the end.

The clematis montana (both white and pink) is in full bloom. Little or no scent on the white and instead of the usual clove (as in pinks) scent from the pink, it seems to smell of honeysuckle (there is none flowering so definitely the clemetis).

I’m desparate to see what colour these foxgloves are. I have several spread around the garden.

Under the cages there should be rocket (back) and beetroot (front) – but not a sign of even one seedling. Lean times ahead unless they pull their socks up.

Enjoy the weather whatever you’re doing today. Relax and smell the (scented plant of choice), and wear a hat!

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  1. A question from the curious and befuddled, Eileen: Do you post a link to The Propagator’s blog? – a link to your six on Saturday? I just wondered as I go there to see the posts and don’t see yours and a few other blogs I follow. Of course, I can get them in my “Reader” on my own blog so nothing lost. Just wondering.

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    1. Is easy. Go to Propagator’s post (other posts are available), copy URL address, return to your own blog, highlight the words Six on Saturday in your post and a menu appears, click on the link icon (a chain ‘link’) insert the URL, click on the arrow thingy, and the words you highlighted should have changed to blue. Be sure to check which blog post you are linking to BEFORE you publish (use PREVIEW and if you’ve done it correctly, the link will take you to the correct blog/post).

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    2. But, I don’t see your post on The Propagator’s post at all. Same with Pádraig’s. I see yours only in my Reader so your post must only go to those who follow your blog!

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