Six on Saturday: 12 June 2021

With the weekend forecast set to HOT and VERY HOT, I’m planning on staying inside with the blinds closed. Nextdoor’s trees have been shedding fat catkins for a fortnight and now the patio is awash with laburnum blossom. Of couse, he doesn’t see any of it – or have to clean it up – because the prevailing wind is from his direction.

Sweet pea ‘Cupani – I’ve now planted every pot on either side of the arch in Raised Bed A and they’ve been flowering for two weeks. Not yet the bower of sweet perfume I’d hoped for, but getting there. Mine are approximately two to three feet tall; they should grow to between five and six feet tall. They probably need feeding (and dead-heading).

My perennial sweetpea tower has plenty of leaves but no sign of flowers; I know they have no scent and aren’t as showy or colourful as the scented ones, but I cannot believe they are invisible!

My first pea flowers – that’s one pod each then.

There will be lots of flowers on these fuchsias soon, which should keep the bees happy, and one open already in the lavender border.

These allium Aflatunense may be coming to an end, but the others are just coming into flower. Nectariscordum, allium Caeruleum, and allium Drumstick.

Despite my best efforts to remove them, aquilegia return year after year – I love the colours they’ve come up with this year – the bee does too.

After posting last Saturday’s SoS, I dashed off to the local garden centre for some growbags. Not a growbag can be had – national shortage apparently – so I had to take what I could get, which was four 60L bags of multipurpose compost – which I used to pot up my Jerusalem artichokes and added to the potato bags.

This Saturday is the AGM for the Community Garden. Originally set to start at 11 o’clock, now moved back to 3pm with no explanation by someone I don’t even know! Not a good way to run things. But, it gives me some time to check in on The Propagator’s blog and check out other Sos’s from near and far.

11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 12 June 2021

  1. It has been very hot and the gardening has been very tiring. ‘Cupani’ is the most wonderfully coloured sweet pea, just beautiful.

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  2. I love the spectrum of colour in your aquilegias! I only have pale pink this year but the verges are full of the wild blue ones so I’m hoping the bees will do the business . . . 🤞


  3. Let’s call it a draw? My sweet peas are out, very similar to your 3′ beauties. Not featured on SOS yet, so I hope I don’t lose by default!
    On the other hand you’re winning with the Alliums.

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  4. The Cupani sweet peas are so pretty! I wonder why the perennial sweet pea is not flowering? I can’t get over its dense foliage. The aquilegias are lovely and delicate, as are their colours. Hope it’s not as hot as predicted…..

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