Today’s featured image is a Small Magpie Moth, found behind a bin while tidying up last Sunday. It’s apparently quite common around Britain and Ireland but it’s the first I’ve seen. I’m a litle late for The Propagator’s Six on Saturday garden party as I’ve been busy in the Potting Shed and on-call for assistance as Hubby carries out a Top-Secret Project which, as usual creates a lot of noise and mess, and he must be supervised at all times. (I turned my back for 2 seconds and he decided to sharpen a pencil and drop the shavings on the patio – on the basis he’d brush it up later).

A first for the week (and the garden) as the nectaroscordum bulbs started are flowering. This was one of the bee and butterfly friendly packs of bulbs I bought last year and planted in the front border towards the shadier end. So far, the bees love it.

A look at the same shady corner of the front border – and it’s getting shadier. Neighbours, who’d have ’em?

The sedums at the front of the house have put out the first flower. I’m collecting a selection of them for planting up in a drystone wall at the Community Garden (if it ever gets built).

Wild mustard?

The sarracenia has been enjoying the sun. It’s the first time it’s lived outside.

Foxgloves are flowering all over the garden now – only the standard pink though. These are in Raised Bed B.