Late again! Not because I overslept but because we took advantage of the ‘sunny’ weather here in North Wales to get on with our TOP SECRET Project (all will be revealed hopefully before the end of this month). The sun did come out, eventually, just as we were packing up for the day. So before I sit back and look through all the Six on Saturday posts for this week – courtesy of The Propagator – I’d better send mine hurtling through cyberspace. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sit down with a beverage of your choice, a chocolate Hob Nob or three, and to read it!

Perennial Sweet Peas have suddenly produced flowers – and very pretty they are too. Shame there’s no scent.


Gorgeous scent but you have to get quite close.

Decorative Pots

My first attempt at making up a decorative pot. These three plants are more of the ‘rescued’ from last year’s charity pot; the alpine strawberry was a runner growing between two bricks. Even the compost is recycled.

My second pathetic attempt at a decorative pot, using left-over seedlings from a module in the Potting Shed. Pink Cosmos and nasturtium Ladybird. I’ve also added in a selection of seeds (more nasturtiums, blue cornflowers, poached egg plants, and a dark Peony Poppy). You do what you can with what you’ve got. Fingers crossed.

A Mystery Solved (possibly)

I believe this is an ammi majus. I sowed ten seeds on modules last autumn when Monty Don sowed his. Two germinated, then died. This was a stray seed in another pot. I’ll sow them in March where they are to flower next year and see if they do any better.

Sometimes, one is enough

And finally, the plant on the left (below) is, I hope, the one verbena bonarienses I managed to grow. (The plant on the right is a single butternut squash.) Those gardeners who have been boasting bemoaning all the seedlings spreading around the garden could always send some my way!

Last weekend, we spoke to our neighbour – again – about his trees. “I’m working from home next week, I’ll do some work on them then”. Famous last words! I’m considering getting in touch with the local Horticultural College to see if they need somewhere to practice chainsawing – then I can present him with the idea of someone else cutting them down (at no cost or a reduced rate). I can be very sneaky.

Failing that, I might ‘kill him off’ in a short story or two!