Tree Bumblebee

This little chap dropped in while we were having morning coffee. Had a drink of water (rainwater left in the hollows of our wrought-iron table); washed his face; groomed his fur (called pile) and stretched out each leg to be brushed by the one next to it.

Photos are a little fuzzy (like the bee) because using a clip-on macro lens on a mobile phone when you can’t see the screen because of bright sunlight is rather hit and miss. You can just see his white rump.

Identify your own bees . . .

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Image courtesy of Zsa Zsa Bellagio pinned by Kelly Truby on Pinterest

3 thoughts on “Tree Bumblebee

  1. GEEZ! I need to pay more attention. I don’t think I have seen a Tree Bumblebee, but maybe I have been mistaken. At a glance, they look like a honeybee… Are they bigger? I usually have a lot of bumblebees over the summer, but I really never stopped to think there are a few different species that look so much alike. Thanks for sharing! I will have to save this one for future reference.


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