The Community Garden held their AGM on Saturday 12 June. I fully intended to go, but at the last minute something came up and I missed it. Hopefully someone has made a note of what was discussed and with circulate them. But we got there two days later, when the weather was much cooler with a few spots of rain, though not enough.

Brassicas Bed 1

The Brussels Sprouts seeds I sowed in May have germinated, though I couldn’t see any parsnips. This was the part of the bed where I dug my first compost trenches, which made it easier to dig the holes to plant my cabbages. I also scraped some drills between them and sowed some Savoy cabbage ‘January King 3’ seeds. This cabbage has a reddish tinge to the green leaves and a tight head.

Onions – Bed 2

Are growng well, much better than the few I have at home which are less than half the size. I did have to remove several flower spikes though.

Potatoes – Bed 3

I was surpised to see so much foliage considering I haven’t been down to water them and we’ve had a few weeks of hot dry weather. These were planted a week earlier than the ones at home and will be earthed up using grass clippings from my brother’s garden.


Onions – Bed 2

Some of the onions were quite large, so I’ve taken the largest and replaced them with the carrot seedlings I’ve been growing in root trainers. I’m not hopeful as, despite plenty of green growth, the roots were rather small. But I took an open packet of seed with me and either put it in holes or drills. What was left, I scattered and watered in.

The harvested potatoes are drying out on racks in the Potting Shed.

Potatoes – Bed 3

Not as advanced as the ones at home. I’m blaming the compost, soil, muck they’re growing in. I could hardly get a hand trowel into it so the tubers have an uphill struggle to grow (and I forgot to take the grass clippings to mulch this section).

Brassicas – Bed 1

Among the cabbage, Brussels sprouts and parsnips, there are two tomato seedlings- either the seed has blown there from another plot, or my trench composting experiment isn’t working and these have grown up from the green food waste I buried. I’ll leave them for now (you never know).

Planning Ahead for Harvest

To a bumper crop of potatoes, I bought TEN hessian potato sacks (they can be used for other root veg – not that I’ve got any). Each sack is 50cm wide x 75cm tall, but the weave is fairly loose so will have to be kept in a the dark. I have just the spot.

And I have a pack of TEN onion nets on order (as I have no tights left – and they didn’t work too well.

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