Six on Saturday: 17 July 2021

It’s rather toasty here in sunny North Wales, so we have windows open and blinds closed and the coolest clothes we can find. My solar water feature is working overtime and the line of washing I hung out at 8.30 is already dry. It’s too hot for gardening, or anything other than sipping something cool from a long glass with a sprig of mint on top, reclining beneath a slowly revolving ceiling fan with a book. But I’ll have to make do with a cappuccino and a virtual stroll through your gardens on here instead – though I do have a ceiling fan in the conservatory which I shall be making use of later. For now, here is my contribution to this week’s Six on Saturday, brought to you courtesy of The Propagator.

I’ve shown the lavender previously but it really is at its best in this hot and sunny weather; it smells glorious and is usually covered in bees. Last week I mentioned that the colours blend with my beighbour’s hebe, so I’ve included a shot of the two together.

The astilbes are doing well this year and look very nice next to the blue of the allium ‘Caeruleum’. They were pathetic last year, leaves curled up and shrivelled; probably the peonies shading them and taking all the moisture, so now I only have three peonies left, these are coming into their own once more.

Allium ‘Drumstick’ is finally starting to flower (I’ve had to stake them as they were all over the place) – while the nectaroscordum is setting seed.

The peonies didn’t last long this year – just over a week of flowering, then rain hit them and they went over.

I’ve planted the mystery plant that I think, now, is ammi majus (though the leaves look different to several images on the internet where they look more carrot-like) – whatever it is, I have two.

The sedum bed is growing well this year; many clumps have small white flowers showing. In addition, the mixed tray I sowed several weeks ago (for a dry stone wall at the allotment) has started to fill out and will soon be ready for planting (though – sadly – the wall is not yet built).

Have a relaxing weekend all; I’m off to order some snowdrop bulbs and a mixed selection of dwarf and patio tomato seeds ready for next year.

16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 17 July 2021

  1. We had 28.2C here in Waterford yesterday and this is the highest temperature I have experienced here in Ireland. Too much, even dangerous!

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  2. gorgeous lavender there. not seen a spearheaded allium like that too – really nice as an architectural plant! I let a row of leeks run to seed this yr to get the same effect in my allotment, i think they’re so beautiful!

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  3. The lavender looks stunning, and I can just imagine the perfume from it! I love the colour of the Astilbe too. It is putting on a lovely show, and the Alliums are going to look awesome soon! Your Sedum bed is filling out nicely now. Hopefully the heat will be short-lived and you will be able to get back into the garden soon.

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  4. Your astilbes are magnificent, as is the lavender, the scent is so lovely isn’t it on a hot summer’s day. I often wonder if Peonies are worth it, so short-lived a show. Stay cool, looks like the heat is coming our way now.

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