Following our attempt to powerwash the drive, everything came to a halt when our powerwasher blew up. Fortunately my brother did have one to lend us, though not – apparently – as powerful as our own had been.

This meant it took twice the time (around 3 hours, to finish cleaning the drive as each ‘cobble’ had to be cleaned separately.

Meanwhile, my (unexpected and unplanned) job was to remove soil, stones and weeds from this tiny gap between the base of the wall and the edge of the path – another three hours (on hands and knees scraping everything out with the aid of:

  • a screwdriver (to lever up stones)
  • a paint scraper (to loosen the soil/mud)
  • two very narrow hand trowels (to lift the gunk out)
  • a bucket and garden sieve (to separate the stones from the soil/mud

At least the water (mostly) drained/ran away when I hosed the path down for the third time in two days,

Fed up with dandelion and aquilegias self seeding in this gap, it has been lined with layers of weed membrane, some old battens to fill the gap, and will be covered with decorative gravel.

Mid-week, and hubby has taken advantage of the heat to put sealant on the front step and path. Once that dried, I plugged the drainage gap so it doesn’t fill with soil again. I only had the end of a bag of gravel (just enough to hold the weed membrane in place where it’s too shallow for battens.)

We went with ‘Cheshire Pink’ gravel for the top dressing; I didn’t have quite enough to complete the job, but by the time I brush everything level, it might just stretch to the end.

Thursday morning, hubby was outside before 6 am to finish sealing the drive. Our nice neighbour moved out today so we had one of our cars parked overnight on the road (the other in the garage) to save the space for when the removal van arrived – which it did just before 8 am.

The van had gone when we returned from buying a new vacuum cleaner (and kettle) at 11.15, but as I finish this post, Lyndsey is STILL next door waiting for confirmation that all the money has transferred. It’s been stressful for us and we’ve only been watching!