A wet and cold day here in North East Wales, and probably for most of the UK. Today’s forcast is rain until 1 pm, rain showers between 1 and 6 pm, light rain between 7 and 8 pm, and cloudy thereafter. Thank goodness I took these photos as the opportunity arose last week.

What better place to start than with this image of a Southern Hawker dragonfly I ‘rescued’ when she got stuck under the (clear) roof between the house and garage and caught up in cobwebs. I took this photograph balancing on a stepladder with the pole holding the sign in one hand and manipulating the phone with the other, while my husband cowered inside the garage door. I’d estimate her at around 3 inches long, wingspan similar – and those wings were noisy (you can hear the sound in this short video I found online. You’ll need to set volume to around 36% to hear it.)

Allium Drumstick is still doing its thing. I think I’ll get a few more weeks out of it as the seedheads form. I’d say this was the more successful bulbs I planted and one I’d definitely use again. I just wish there was a better backdrop to photograph it against.

Sticking with the front border (and already breaking my resolve to share only ONE image 0 see below) hidden under the grasses, are these nigella flowers – survivors of the wildflower seed I scattered way back when.

After cooler and wetter days, the astilbe is giving its final encore of the summe. Smaller flowers but lots of them throughout the border.

This Ammi majus flower may be over, but there are a few more smaller plants still flowering. I’ll have to keep my eye on this one as I want to collect and scatter the seed. If I leave it to the wind, they’ll all end up in the neighbours’ gardens and I shall have none.

This is the pot I planted up with home-grown pink cosmos seedling and nasturtiums, along with cornflower seeds. You’ll have to imagine how it would have looked, but the cosmos seems happy enough,

In other news:

I have now sorted out this blog to my satisfaction. As well as starting the new blog for everything Allotment related, I have ruthlessly removed many images relating to my Six on Saturday posts from previous years. My theory being that the post is still there, and I still have the images on my computer and a separate hard-drive. How many of us look back at our fellow bloggers posts, or even our own, from last month let alone last year or longer? I’m also going to do my best to stick to SIX single images for Six on Saturday (though I don’t make the same promise for other posts).

I’ve started posting on my second blog – I’ve changed the name back to The Allotment Diaries (it may go through several incarnations until I’m happy). This week I’ve written about onions – comparing varieties, yield, size, taste, storage etc.

The work at Park in the Past, where I have my allotment bed, is nearing completion. They shared an update video recently, but for some reason none of them will now play on the computer without signing up to Vimeo, yet I can view it on my mobile phone!