Waiting for the Sun to Shine

When I write my posts, I refer to certain parts of the garden by specific names. I thought it might be helpful to share the position of those places within the back garden as a whole. The first three images are from my study window, the last is from my husband’s study.

We follow the garden clockwise; from left to right – a few degrees away from a straight north to south as makes no difference.

First we have the Log Store (with the large pots on the roof); the Bucket/Coal Shed (a project earlier this year); the Potting Shed (previously a pergola and decking built in 1999 and covered over about fifteen years ago after one too many footballs from next door). The trees are not mine and were planted around ten years ago.

Second, the raised beds and wall built in 2018. Raised Bed A (left) is the sunnier of the two, Raised Bed B (right) is half-shaded by the brick shed. The field, weed patch and greenhouse belong to the neighbours on the other side. Below my window is the covered walkway/decking and back door. I refer to this area as the Sunny or Upper patio (and step).

Third, my Tiny Greenhouse, my husband’s brick shed, a corner of the conservatory roof, and – lurking top right – the bain of my life. Just visible at the side of the greenhouse is Compost Corner (where the small garden cages are currently sitting on top of my compost bins. The small, Very Shady Border is between them and that white door (the last one still to be painted).

Finally, the Shady Border, where my clematis montanas flower in Spring – white closest to the shed, pink towards the house, with the clematis alpina still flowering. I have plans for revamping the Shady Border but it is currently home to all the pots and troughs I had to move from the patio while it is cleaned and sealed. Hopefully in an hour or so when the clouds lift and the sun shines – on half the garden.

You can see why I called my blog Eileen’s Tiny Welsh Garden (previously My Tiny Welsh Garden). Obviously it was larger (though paved) before we had the conservatory built, and brighter before the trees grew quite so tall and dense.

So other than the path and border that run along the front of the house, and the Lavender border that lines the drive between garage and pavement, this is the full extent of my garden. There is no door into a secret garden, no long vistas with a statue, urn or specimen tree to draw the eye.

My garden is less than half a ‘room’ in a desginer garden; maybe the overflow seating area for the tearooms?

If it was in London, no doubt it would be filled with all manner of exotic plants and described as a “courtyard oasis”, but it’s halfway up a small Welsh mountain with all that the weather can throw at it. I do what I can with the limited space (and light) available.

And there’s no grass to cut!