Instead of the cool and cloudy mornings of the past week, this morning is a fine one. Greeted by the sun rising above the Potting Shed at 6.20 (the time I rose; the sun had been ‘up’ much earlier), we had an early breakfast and, as I type, my husband is sealing the final section of the lower patio. Thank goodness for the high pressure sitting above the UK and keeping rain away.

I’m keeping away from the smell of the patio sealant by finishing off this Six on Saturday post and reading other posts throughout the day. This month has been full-on maintenance and sprucing-up outside. There aren’t many flowers left in my garden – the obligatory fuchsia or ten, some of the surviving wilfdflower mix hidden beneath grasses. There’s an autumnal nip in the air of an evening and a touch of condensation in the windows in the morning. Let’s move along swiftly.

This summer, I moved the Christmas/Easter/Whatever cactus from the dining room to the sitting room. Both windows face the same direction – west-north-west – and both receive the same amount of late-afternoon sun (though at slightly different times due to overhanging trees), yet this is the best I’ve seen this plant for some time. It is dark green and glossy with plenty of new growth.

I always look forward to Autumn Joy putting in an appearance. This one has grown long and leggy as it is under the fuchsia by the garage (the one I was going to thin out several weeks ago – and didn’t until last week). But the bees won’t care, and I will get around to sorting out that fuchsia properly before winter.

The final fling from the fuchsia in the pot by my front door. Late to get started, it’s throwing everything it’s got into this late flowering. It’s just a pity its tendency is towards the back of the pot (which I can’t turn round as it was once one end of a plastic bench which we had to saw off when it split. The hebe cuttings are in the other one.)

As is this begonia. One that came in my 2020 charity pot and kept safe last winter with the pinks. The fat stem is my verbena bonariensis; try as I might, I have never managed a decent photo of it.

A sign of a harsh winter to come? I wanted to cut this cotoneaster back but there are so many berries on it, it would be a shame to deprive the birds, especially if we do have extreme weather. And there is a huge ant nest in the wall beneath.

These alpine strawberries went back to their winter home on a shelf on the Shady Patio this morning. Sometime soon, I will set down trays of gritty compost and let the suckers grow on for more plants next year. Last week, Thistles and Kiwis shared a photograph of white crocus peeking through wild strawberries, so though I don’t have white crocus, I think my purple ones would look equally at home; I need to extend my own wild strawberry patch (and they make great groundcover).

So that’s my lot for this week. The weather looks set to hold for a few more days at least; long enough from my to paint my last door and frame; to cut the lavender down; to move some pots back into position. Also onions and garlic to select and purchase for the allotment. I should just fit everything in before the month ends.

Have a great weekend whatever you’re up to. It’s Bank Holiday here in the UK so I won’t be going anywhere until September!

I have no idea why my pingback shows twice in The Propagator’s comments – or is it only me who can see that? It’s not as though this post if worth reading twice; possibly not even once!!