First, a huge thank you – and a Gold Star – to Lisa over at Lisa’s Garden Adventure who identified my Christmas/Easter/Whatever cactus from last week’s SoS as a Thanksgiving cactus, Schlumbergera truncata, aka the false Christmas Cactus. As Thanksgiving in America is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November, it should be in flower by the 25th of that month. I printed a label for it that goes all the way round the top of the pot!

So on to this week’s Six, courtesy of The Propagator.

Look what popped up in one of my pots while they were moved to the edges of the patio! Not one but TWO nasturtium ‘Labybird Rose’ plants. I just wish there were more (I sowed six seeds in this pot) as the colour is rather nice but a bit lost against the terracotta of the pot. They didn’t last long before something ate them.

The first Japanese anemone flower of the year. In 2020 they were flowering as early as July, but I’ve dug several plants out from this border when I’ve spotted them, and cut them down to the ground several times to allow some light to the annual seeds I sowed in May,

At last, the white cosmos is offering up more than the odd flower and looks lovely among the grasses, but rather lonely too. I will grow more of this and the pink and mix them in 2022.

Of the wild flowers sown, borage has produced a few plants. I realise I may regret this in a year or two, but there are never enough blue flowers in gardens, and the bees like them.

Yes, it is the first weekend of September, but my clematis montana don’t care as it produced four buds last weekend.

While the montana is flowering, the alpina is still going and producing more buds. It seems the weather is confusing everything.

With so few flowering plants left in my garden, I will be pruning my Six on Saturday contributions to either Six every other Saturday, or maybe even Six once a month as autumn progresses. But I won’t be disappearing completely.

I return to my studies on 2 October, but the course material is available from 8 September so not long now. It’s going to be intense for twelve months, so my posts may will tail-off, as in previous years; but I’ll still be reading your posts and commenting where I can, but sometimes a ‘Like’ will have to suffice – for now.