Another bright and sunny morning. We’ve had good weather for a few days now – warm enough to sit outside for coffee. And I have been walking round with a big smile on my face since Thursday evening when I overheard my neighbour discussing his trees with The Gardener. I think it will be a few weeks before we see any action (waiting for the leaves to fall), but at least – finally – there will be daylight!

So lets get on with this week’s Six, courtesy of The Propagator.

I’ve been calling these plants begonias, though I’m not sure if they are or not. Online research suggests they are wax begonias, so if anyone can confirm one way or another, I would be grateful. These were one plant from our charity pot bought summer 2020 – no labels provided. I split it in two and kept it ov erwinter in the Tiny Greenhouse (watered sparingly – when I remembered). I shall do the same this year.

I’ve had many different grasses in the garden over the years, though now only the Mexican Feather Grass survives; but every now and then, I spot new ones growing – either seeds that have lain dormant for years or new ones blown in on the wind. I pot them up and wait and see what develops. (Probably more feather grass)

These are most of the surviving hebe ‘Champagne Ice’ cuttings from 2019. When the fuchsia in this pot didn’t survive last winter’s cold weather, I replaced it with these. They’re filling out nicely and hopefully next year they will put out more than two flowers.

A last look at the alliums ‘Drumstick’ before I cut them down. They are now in the Potting Shed to dry out. I was very please with their performance this first year; the best of the lot.

The sedums and sempervivums I planted up several weeks ago are surviving, though not perhaps actively growing. Now I’ve cleared the tomato plants from the Tiny Greenhouse, I’ll be popping these inside by the end of this month.

I thought I’d share an image of our neighbours over the back wall. These four sheep – all getting on in years – arrived in July when the field was waist high in grass and weeds. Through they have made a good effort, they seem more interested in eating the hedge at the back, though when they arrived all we could see were their ears sticking up.

Right, time for coffee and it looks as though I’ll have to make it as I’ve left Hubby – unsupervised – cutting my pallet planters in half (now I will have four ‘troughs’ instead of two bits of wood that I can’t do anything with).

Enjoy the weather while we’ve got it.