This week’s featured image is an Elephant Hawk Moth. I first saw one of these ‘live’ on 23 August 2020, and my second last Tuesday (21 September). Remembering someone said they ate fuchsia, I encouraged it onto a plant saucer and placed it under my newly established fuchsia hedge at the back of Raised Bed A. The hedge needs a good trim so I can spare plenty of juicy stems/leaves for such an exotic creature. Without further ado, here are my Six for this grey and murkey Saturday, shared with a wide-ranging group of gardeners around the globe via The Propagator.

Verbena bonariensis – the final curtain? I’ve already take some of the faded flowerheads and sprinkled them along the front border in the hope they will self-seed and grow.

Sedum ‘it will always be Autumn Joy to me’, and absolutely full of every variety of bee and hover fly making the most of the sunshine.

Self-seeded alyssum, filling a spare corner and hiding all manner of goodies to come.

Cosmos ‘Psyche White’

More borage

My little cuttings bed – pots within a trough. Lavender mostly, a hebe or two, and lots of ‘Autumn Joy’ and sneaky alpine strawberries encroaching on everything. There’s rosemary in a trough in front. All are the cuttings I took in 2019.

There is actually nothing for me to do in the garden this weekend. I still need to go through my flower seed packets noting down sowing times and any special requirements (a month in the fridge for bluebells). Foliage in the front garden hasn’t died back enough to tidy away and any encroaching branches are the responsibility of others. Leaves are already falling, just a few for now, but lovely and crunchy underfoot, and with cooler weather forecast for next week, many more to follow, all to be bagged and stored behind the garage until needed.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing. I’m still waiting for my bulbs and onions to be dispatched.