A Hero going Home

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The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)


Left Unity

Wrexham Leader (April 2013) Wrexham tax office staff walk out over government cuts

Daily Post (March 2013) Public sector workers in 24 hour Budget Day strike

5 thoughts on “A Hero going Home

  1. I’ve read your two linked articles. The first one is particularly upsetting, to hear of so many people who cannot access health treatment. It really is so very worrying for them and their families. I’ve had treatment disrupted here but it was not of any great consequence, a case of a longer period of “wait and see”, nothing immediately urgent. My health insurance it very expensive but I am so glad to have it. An example of the benefits: I arrived for an appointment with a consultant on the wrong day – actually the right date but the wrong month!!! He had no clinics that day but his first business of that day was an hour and a half later – he came and met me and we chatted for about 45 minutes!

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    1. It certainly has been a dreadful time for anybody working in hospitals, even GPs – I listened to the BBC’s breakfast programme this morning and heard a GP telling of the abuse they receive and how many are leaving to work elsewhere, simply for better conditions. Yes, that consultant was very generous with his time.

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  2. There’s the loss of a very good man! It will come to us all, I suppose, and it would be good to be able to deal with it in such a manner as your friend.

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