I don’t believe it! One (maybe more) of our local garden centres has already put out their Christmas decorations this week. Anyone else spotted similar activities? Me? I take my optical fibre tree off the top of the wardrobe on Christmas Eve and put it back the day after Boxing Day!

A very quick SoS today as the second year of my OU course officially starts today so it’s heads down and no talking in class!

Fuchsia hedge doing its thing and brightening a shady corner. I don’t want to prune it while it is still producing flowers.

No apologoes for sharing this again! ‘Autumn Joy’ is good space (and blog post) filler.

Ivy flowers, courtesy of Tree Man next door. Probably it will still be here this time next year (and the collapsed wall too).

Sorry, not sorry, for sharing this white cosmos again. This one has developed extra frills in the centre.

I can’t find anymore flowers in the garden, so I’ve turned to houseplants and the Thanksgiving cactus which is showing no sign yet of producing flower buds.

Finally, after seven years, I think my orchid has had it. It was given to me by a friend when I retired from work but hasn’t flowered for three years; time to say goodbye. I won’t be replacing it!

Enjoy your weekend whatever your plans, and whatever the weather (wet here). I’m STILL waiting for my onions and bulbs to arrive, I’m sure I’m not the only one.