Six on Saturday: 2 October 2021

I don’t believe it! One (maybe more) of our local garden centres has already put out their Christmas decorations this week. Anyone else spotted similar activities? Me? I take my optical fibre tree off the top of the wardrobe on Christmas Eve and put it back the day after Boxing Day!

A very quick SoS today as the second year of my OU course officially starts today so it’s heads down and no talking in class!

Fuchsia hedge doing its thing and brightening a shady corner. I don’t want to prune it while it is still producing flowers.

No apologoes for sharing this again! ‘Autumn Joy’ is good space (and blog post) filler.

Ivy flowers, courtesy of Tree Man next door. Probably it will still be here this time next year (and the collapsed wall too).

Sorry, not sorry, for sharing this white cosmos again. This one has developed extra frills in the centre.

I can’t find anymore flowers in the garden, so I’ve turned to houseplants and the Thanksgiving cactus which is showing no sign yet of producing flower buds.

Finally, after seven years, I think my orchid has had it. It was given to me by a friend when I retired from work but hasn’t flowered for three years; time to say goodbye. I won’t be replacing it!

Enjoy your weekend whatever your plans, and whatever the weather (wet here). I’m STILL waiting for my onions and bulbs to arrive, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 2 October 2021

  1. Best wishes with the course, Eileen. Now, can you come to the help of my failing memory and remind me of the onion cultivars you recommended a little while back. I see onion sets are in stock online here so will order as soon as I can. Paddy

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    1. I’ve ordered Shakespeare onions this time, but Electric (red) did well for me this summer. Snowball (white) not so well and many produced flower stems early on, but my brother was happy with them and has ordered them again. Radar were too small to mention, but I’ve heard good reports for Senshyu Yellow (all autumn planting).

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    2. Many thanks, Eileen. I’ll go online this moment and see which, if any, of those are available and will order today — it’s raining here so not much chance of doing much outdoors. It is easing around midday so we may get out for a walk. Many thanks.

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    3. I hope you find some. I ordered mine at the beginning of September and am still waiting for them to arrive – but I’ve had my snowdrops and other bulbs so can start planting them up at the weekend, weather permitting of course.

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    1. Thanks. The cosmos was slow to get going and there aren’t as many plants as I’d like, but very pretty. I’m not ready to even think of Christmas until after my birthday mid December, let alone have it thrust on me. I shall avoid it as long as I can 🙂

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  2. I don’t have much luck with orchids and resist buying them, though I think they’re very beautiful. It’s funny, we call your cactus a Christmas Cactus here!

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    1. It was bought as a Christmas cactus, Jane, but someone correctly identified it a few weeks back – it’s to do with the ‘stems’ being flatter and the claw-like leaves – this is what Lisa said “You have a Thanksgiving cactus, Schlumbergera truncate, which have the sharp edges on the leave s. Christmas cactus, Schlumbergera bridgesii, are smooth. In the US the stores label them all “Christmas” even if they aren’t.”

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    1. My cactus can be hit and miss as it seems to flower at odd times throughout the year. Fingers crossed it gets its act together. I do love fuchsias. I wasn’t going to have flowers in my vegetable beds but they are in a shady spot that’s hard to reach and it’s nice to see a colour other than green. They’ve done better than the ones in the front border (mostly sunny) though all were cuttings at the same time.

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