Spring Bulbs

I don’t usually bother planting bulbs each year. Those in the front garden – crocus, grape hyacinths and dwarf narcissi – have been there for several years, with the addition of alliums and nectaroscordum in autumn 2020.

In the back garden, I have daffodils and narcissi rescued from various borders and dumped in pots. Apart from an all too brief few weeks in spring, they live at the back of the garage. The only things I took any trouble with last year were my four ‘Blue’ pots containing Pickwick crocus, anemone Blanda Bleu, and grape hyacinths.

This year, however, I ordered some new bulbs (snowdrops x 50, anemone Blanda Alba x 20, and white fritillery x 15) which arrived on 6 October and had to be dealt with. (I’ve just noticed that the anemone is ‘White Splendour’ but have no idea if they are the same as ordered or a substitution, not that it matters. A white anemone is a white anemone is a white anemone!)

I was going to use my bulb baskets inserted into larger pots, but the baskets are larger than the pots I have available, though would have been perfect in the pots currently containing Jerusalem artichokes; bad planning on my part. I’ve made a note!

Instead, I planted some snowdrops and fritillery into a small square tub and added sedums, grasses, and London Pride, so it keeps some interest through the summer and into autumn. Another mix of snowdrops and anemones were added to a medium sized pot (half filled with last years rotting leaves, topped up with soil) and I added verbena bonariensis and cornflower seeds and covered them with horticultural grit. (My reasoning being that if flowers shed their seeds around this time, then this might be a good time to sow them too – despite the instructions on the packets.)

I’m going to rely on nature, not nurture!

The anemones had to be soaked overnight to plump them up. Instructions for all three bulbs were sketchy to say the least. I couldn’t see ‘claws’ on the anemones so sowed them sideways too!

I’ve planted some snowdrops in the Very Shady Border, inserted some into the ‘Blue’ pots, which I retrieved from the back of the garage, along with the small pots containing narcissi and what ever else I’ve forgotten about. I had thought to put some in the pallet planter troughs but they’re not deep enough (4 inch depth required for snowdrops, 5 inches for fritilleries and anemone corms).