A rather dull selection for a dull morning, though the sun is making some effort. The days are cooler now and other than a general tidy up, there’s not a lot I can do in the garden. Things like the iris foliage still isn’t far enough gone to remove without a lot of effort, and there is no point brushing up leaves just yet. So this will probably be my last Six on Saturday for a while. (I know, I said that before but things kept growing.)

It was probably not a good idea to grow cucumbers in the Potting Shed on the table where I usually have my sweetpeas growing in root trainers. ‘Crystal Lemon’ is fruiting well after a slow start.

The cucamelons are not doing well. They were outside for ages through the summer (so pollination definitely took place), then I moved them into the Tiny Greenhouse for protection. Now I’ve moved them to the Potting Shed for one final attempt at growing a fruit that is larger than a woodlouse! I’ll give them until the end of the month!

With the cucamelon out of the way, I have space to put the shelves back in the Tiny Greenhouse. I store cardboard packaging in here. The atmosphere is damp enough (earth floor beneath the bricks) that the glue for the labels and sealing tape eventually softens enough to pull off and the cardboard is torn up and goes in the compost bins.

Last weekend, someone mentioned they had already moved sedums and sempervivums into a cold frame so I’ve moved mine too. It didn’t take very long!

I’ve chopped off the dying stems and foliage from two of the Jerusalem artichokes. I was waiting for a few frosty nights before I harvest some, though I may steal a few to roast for our evening meal. My brother, however, couldn’t wait and harvested one of his pots. He decided to try some in a Nigel Slater recipe of Black Pudding, Leeks, and artichokes, but didn’t have any leeks so substituted Brussels Sprouts instead!!!! Let’s just say it’s a good job he was working from home for four days. I’m going to try this Hairy Bikers soup recipe.

Last week, I shared my confused Raspberry ‘Yummy’ which is a summer fruiting variety but has been producting fruit due to the warmer weather in September and October. I’ve nibbled what fruit looked ready and made a tentative effort at pruning the ends. I suspect I’ll need to half these stems, but with more flowers, and hopefully fruit, on the way, I’ll hold off making the final cut for now.

There has been some tentative movement in the saga of my neighbour’s trees. On Monday afternoon there was a terrible noise outside; we thought it was a mini-digger for the bungalow across the road, but it turned out to be a tractor with one of those hedge-trimmer attachments they use to cut back the hedges along main roads and country lanes. It was so fierce that sharp pieces of twigs completely covered the pavement, main road, and our front garden. As of this morning, my neighbours have NOT taken up a brush and shovel to remove what was left and it still covers the pavement outside their property, and will no doubt remain there for some time to come.

Meanwhile, I’ve got to keep my eyes peeled for the gardeners attending the neighbour on the other side at 11am. She’s asked me to pop out and ask them to cut back everything that overhangs our boundary wall as she’s in work and not there to supervise them. I did try to steer her into having everything cut down so it will thicken up and bush out. As there is forsythia and hebe, she would then have had the benefit of the flowers at eye level rather than 10 feet up, but she’s paying not me. She has said I can ask them to cut down the jasmine at the back of the Potting Shed. This was cut to ground level in September 2020, but has already reached its previous height, though not the spread.