I know I said – yet again – that last week would probably be my last SoS for now. I LIED (but I am scraping the barrel – after all, the brief says “six things in the garden on Saturday”; it doesn’t specify they have to be pretty or colourful).

The weather has been mixed this week, so not a very inspiring bunch to share; I’m surprised I have anything at all. I really am going to have to do something about getting more autumn flowering plants into the front border. But there are such things as autumn/winter flowering clematis, so the idea of one of them scrambling up the wooden arch is very tempting (but first we need to repair it). I’ve got my eye on a clematis cirrhosa – maybe ‘Freckles’ or ‘Wisley Cream’ (or both).

The feather grass looks great in the second photo, but you can see from the first that it is all leaning one way because the prevailing wind blows from right to left, along the main road towards me.

I may be winning the war on the Japanese anemones as there are few flowers this year, and none in the Shady Border at the back of the house.

The aftermath of using a contractor with a tractor to trim your hedge. Twelve days after the event and my neighbour has still not brushed up; no doubt hoping the wind will blow it all away. Our property ends between the two posts!

I’m still waiting for the iris foliage to die back. It’s very late this year, usually I’d have it cut down to ground level by now.

My leeks in Raised Bed A are fattening up nicely – of course the labels have blown away so I don’t know which is ‘Musselburg’ and which is ‘Lyon’ without looking back at previous posts/images. Never mind, they’ll all taste the same.

The hebe ‘Champagne Ice’ cuttings that I planted in this pot to replace a dead fuchsia are coming on nicely. There are at least TEN in this pot, if not more.

Whatever your plans for the weekend, keep dry, keep warm, and for those in the UK, enjoy your extra hour in bed tomorrow morning and make the most of the lighter mornings while they last.