With the first sunny day for at least a week, Saturday morning saw me abandoning my studies for a few minutes in the garden. I say a few minutes but . . . you know how it goes.

First on the agenda was to dig up all the parsley and red-veined sorrel planted in the raised beds. I grew these from seed this time last year and they overwintered in the Tiny Greenhouse – an attempt to provide leaves for winter salads, until the slugs found the parsley! They didn’t seem to like the sorrel.

When the weather improved in spring, I planted the remains of the parsley, and the sorrel, first into large pots, where they fared no better. Finally I moved both to the raised beds where they perked up and provided leaves for months. Now I’ve put them back into pots balanced on gravel trays in the Potting Shed where they will have some sun. (The Tiny Greenhouse is still shaded by trees. Grrrr!)

While I was getting my hands dirty, I planted up two half-seed trays with salad leaves. Tray 1 is a straightforward Mizuna mix, Tray 2 (using up opened seed packets) is a combination of amaranth, salad bowl and American landcress. Again, these are in the Potting Shed. We shall see what develops.

Finally, with some space in Raised Bed B, I planted out the kale and cabbage seedlings that have been languishing in the Potting Shed for months. They were destined for the Allotment but they are so pathetic that I would be ashamed to show them in public. They have two chances – grow, or not! There is still some lettuce growing though I suspect it is past its best and may be bitter; and the butternut squash plant (far left under green basket) has disappeared without giving a single squash! They’ll be grown for the allotment next year.