This last weekend, between having my flu jab, taking part in an OU online tutorial, and – finally – managing a visit to the allotment, I found a few minutes to cut down my cucumber stalks and remove the cucamelon stems and foliage.

I picked the largest cucumbers and consigned the remainder to the compost bin. This leaves room to bring out the root trainers, though I haven’t decided – yet – whether to grow sweetpeas again over the winter months.

I might concetrate on salad leaves, along with flower seeds (bluebells) that need cold weather to kick start germination.

I had also planned to brush up the leaves that have filled the patio and pop them into bags, but Saturday afternoon turned wet and windy and with more leaves falling every minute, that job can wait for a calm and dry day. Besides, I have no plans to visit the allotment now until next spring – and by then, the leaves should have started rotting and will be fine to spread on the allotment bed, to continue to break down or be dug in (depending how energetic I feel).