I’ve managed to do some jobs in between rain showers and studying. The important one this week was to drain the smaller of the waterbutts by the Potting Shed (first picture), and store it behind the garage. I’ve still got to move the bricks that it stands on, then I can drain the larger one. I have nowhere else to put that one, so tend to leave the tap open so it doesn’t fill again and risk it splitting if we have a freeze. The temporary one at the side of the house was emptied weeks ago, and the largest one really needs a good scrub but I can’t face it yet.

A mixed bag for this week’s Six on Saturday, hosted by The Propagator.

The weather has been mixed, wind, rain, the usual for this time of year. No frost yet, it’s unseasonably mild here and the skies were grey for the most part, but I caught this shaft of morning sunlight as it illuminated the pot of white cosmos. Thinking back to summer, I couldn’t have taken a photograph from this angle because at 9 am, the sun would be shining through the left-hand arch and into my eyes.

We’d not had a day without wind blowing the leaves around the garden until Tuesday, when the air was so still that we took advantage, brushing all the leaves into a heap then shovelling them into an old compost bag, with some judicious squishing. It’s now at the back of the garage – where it will be joined by others – ready to go to the Allotment early next year to help improve the soil. None of this letting them breakdown for a year or two here.

My raspberry just keeps flowering and fruiting. There are never enough to make anything worthwhile, so I pick them and eat them as they ripen. Gardener’s perks!

The neighbours are doing a good job – apart from trying to eat my fuchsia along the back wall! The field is slightly higher than the garden, so the sheep stand on their back legs.

Thursday, we paused to remember the fallen in two world wars, and more recent conflicts. For us, it was the day our newest neighbour erected a fence (that’s five-foot on her side, six or more on ours) to keep her dogs in.

What a difference a month makes . . . gorgeous colours! Another plant (not mine) that should have been stripped of its berries by now.

On Friday, my husband called me to rescue a butterfly trapped in a web outside his study window. Because we have sash windows, it take two of us to open them to their fullest extent (there is a ‘stop’ that allows them to open only six inches which has to be pushed and held as the lower window rises).

I released the butterfly, a rather tatty looking Red Admiral, and that’s when we found out that one of the glazing bars for the conservatory roof had slipped. Couldn’t have seen it without leaning out of the window. So that was another job – tapping it back into place. And all thanks to a butterfly!

This has been a reading/writing week for my OU course. Our first assignments at due in on Thursday. Last year, I made the mistake each time of revising and editing over and over again. Not this time. I completed mine mid-week – 2000 word fiction piece, 200 word summary of the story, 500 word commentary (why I wrote what I did and what techniques – from the course – did I use), and links to two contributions to Forums (we share responses to course work and comment on others). I’ll read my work through on Monday (for spelling, grammar or punctuation errors) and send it off early.

Even though we’ve had no problems in the twelve months since we finally accessed fibre broadband, I am still paranoid that we may lose access at a vital moment.

If you’ve still got bulbs to plant, good luck – and get on with it.

I’m going to try and remember to take fuchsia cuttings – not the hedging one, but the pretty one by the front door, and maybe some rosemary (always handy for presents). Otherwise, it’s back to the books for me.