A grey morning, mild but no rain forecast. Apparently that’s all set to change from tomorrow when the wind changes from south to north east. Will we have snow? Are we really going to have a mini-ice-age? I hope not as my husband and I both have our booster jabs next week. He’s on Friday at 3 pm at the vaccination centre just seven miles away; mine’s on Sunday at 4.30 pm at a different one, eleven miles away. Either way, if it does snow here in North Wales, and it sticks, we won’t be going anywhere and will have to re-book.

But we’ll worry about that nearer the time. For now, here is this week’s Six on Saturday.

From soil to stove in forty minutes (includes twenty minutes scrubbing and chopping time). Leek and potato soup on the stove – half for lunch, half to freeze – and the start of Jerusalam artichoke soup for tomorrow’s lunch in the slow cooker – braising slowly in chicken stock.

As you can see, we are still waiting for the trees to be cut down, but happily collecting the leaves while we have them.

I did, finally, get round to taking some cuttings – fuchsia, lavender and rosemary.

This tray of mizuna is still producing leaves, which help boost the flavour of a bought iceberg lettuce. I have sown more which is coming along nicely but won’t be ready for a while yet.

The parsley that I dug up from the raised beds is also growing well. I’ve had several leaves and stems from these already.

But the red-veined sorrel is proving slow to get going.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you have planned; it might be your last chance to get into the garden for a while!