Six on Saturday: 27 November 2021

Which is worse – not knowing what the weather is going to throw at us over a twenty-four hour period, or knowing – and dreading – what is on the way? Friday was wet, very wet, hail, windy, with sunny spells: the prelude to Storm Arwen. As we moved from a Yellow to an Amber warning with a risk of flooding (not a problem for me) and power cuts (which usually are), then to a Red warning for wind, I spent yesterday filling flasks with hot water, baskets with logs, and buckets with coal (smokeless fuel) for the wood-burner. I like to be prepared!

Apologies that this week’s Six on Saturday (hosted by The Propagator) begins with storm damage and repairs. We could have done without it.

First, the Potting Shed. We lost one plastic sheet from the roof overnight. Luckily, at 6.15 this morning, I spotted it lying in the field so we were out in our dressing gowns scaling the wall to retrieve it. The other end was loose too, so preventative measures in the form of a couple of battens and several screws hopefully mean this roof will last until next year when it is due to be replaced.

Next was the ‘veranda’ roof, the covered passage that keeps us dry as we carry shopping in from the car or put rubbish in the bins. We searched high and low for the missing sheet, but eventually found in at the back of our shed near the neighbours’ greenhouse. A successful retrieval.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get these sheets back into the glazing bars so have screwed them down and I’ve tied one of them to the light bracket. We may get dripped on, but shouldn’t have to go chasing them around the village.

The only other garden damage we noticed was the garden arches had been slightly pushed over and one of my terracotta pots was blown over and broken near the top.

It could have been worse (though we haven’t yet checked the house roof for missing/broken slates). Power kept going off for a few minutes, then on again. This morning, several areas of North East Wales are without power until at least 2pm; roads are blocked with fallen trees, so we count ourselves very lucky to get away with none of our neighbour’s trees falling over onto our property.

Now back to one I prepared earlier!

With cold weather forecast for the last week of November, it was time to put the covers back on the shelving in the Potting Shed, and just in time as Monday morning saw a light dusting of frost, frozen windscreens, and a distinct fall in temperature. I’m hoping the parsley and sorrel will survive without the extra protection, but at the first sign they are suffering, I’ve got bubble-wrap to .

Thursday was another bright but cool day – the calm before the storms – so I took the opportunity to give the fuchsia in the Lavender Border it’s final chop of 2021. There is already plenty of new growth at the base where we pruned the other stems. I doubt my ambition to grow one stem as a standard is going to work; I’ll work on it next year.

Finally, I visited our small local garden centre this week to look for something to give my brother for Christmas. There wasn’t much choice in the plant department but I did pick up this sempervivum ‘Taurus’ for £3.50 and intend snipping off a few of the babies – just in case his doesn’t survive the winter!!

I also picked up these terracotta half-pots, which he might like to use to make a sempervivum tower – or not. The difficulty now is to remove the price labels around the outer rims without damaging the pots. I’ll also give him a small bag of horticultural grit and he can provide his own compost or soil.

Hopefully, British and Irish gardeners on here have survived without too much damage and have not spent the morning out in the cold making repairs. Whatever you have planned, perhaps a day indoors with the seed catalogues might be preferable to attempting to plant bulbs or prune shrubs. Treat yourselves!

13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 27 November 2021

  1. Ahhh someone else who goes searching for roof panels after a storm in PJs! The first thing I did the morning after the storm was check the chicken runs were ok, the roof sheets have been known to fly off and land in the neighbours garden! Luckily no damage this time. Glad you managed to fix your panels back.

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  2. We watched the weather forecast and reports with interest and were fortunate that the storm stayed to the east of us – and right over you – so we escaped with only very slight damage, no more than twigs from trees etc.

    I’ve missed your recent posts as we have been without telephone line and won’t have it repaired for another fortnight. Our supplies sent on a wireless modem to carry us over so I am back online again.

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    1. It’s just me. Apparently the repairs will entail some digging of footpaths or roads and that requires permission from the local council which adds to the delay. By coincidence, the initial steps to roll out fibre optic cable have also begun in our locality so there may be an attitude that it is not worth the work of repairing the line when it is to be replaced so very shortly. I am giving an online talk via Zoom on Tuesday night and have been anxious to have a good connection. I’ve not seen nor heard of Pádraig for a while.


    2. We have both the old copper cable and the fibre on the same pole. Copper for the landline (though we went with phone through fibre – but the calls out are expensive),. We are fibre to premises as BT found that was less hassle than changing/updating the cabinets. But we waited 3 years from putting the cables in until we could access the fibre broadband as they didn’t make it live. Hope you have better experience 🤞

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  3. It soounds as if the storm was bad in your part of the world. The worst part is lying in bed wondering what’s happening outside. We were lucky here and missed the worst of it.

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    1. It was the wind that was the worst part. Lying in bed listening to the roof slates clattering and our bedroom window creaking most alarmingly. But our power didn’t go off and stay off, though just a mile away it’s still not back on at 4pm on Sunday! They’re still clearing the fallen trees and lots of events have been cancelled. But we’re not the only part of Britain that’s had bad weather – many had it worse. And to cap it all, it’s now snowing, though too wet to stick. But it is winter after all 🙂 Hope your garden didn’t suffer too much damage.


  4. You fixed as well as you could the damage of the storm! It’s already a lot of contraries .
    Here, the tail of the storm has been there since this morning with a lot of wind and a little bit of hail but no damage. Brrr, I’m going to light the wood stove.

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