Six on Saturday: 4 December 2021

It is said you are never more than six feet away from a rat. Well this one was three feet away from my back door at 8am on Wednesday. We don’t own a cat, but sometimes one or two snuggle up on our bench on the veranda. Opportunity must have knocked on Tuesday night in the form of a hungry rodent after the bird seed. It’s been given a good ‘green’ send off – on the end of the coal shovel, lobbed over the wall into the field, as a warning to any ratty friends!

12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 4 December 2021

  1. We hung up filled bird feeders 2 days ago. The birds aren’t going to know what’s hit them!
    I didn’t know that you could do pages in posts. What a good idea, all the better for a little bit of drama or discretion 😉

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  2. One would have to wonder why you would ever wish to grow the bluebells. Yes, they are fabulously attractive in a wood but so very quickly become a weed in the garden!


  3. I had a heuchera that did nothing for ages, then when I dug it up I saw that almost all the roots had been nibbled away by something. Perhaps rummage under the soil to check all is well. Nice idea to give sempervivums as a present.

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