Mum’s Wreath: 2021

Not as floral as last year’s or the 2019 version; nor as colourful as that from 2018. But you have to do the best with what you can find. I’d expected to collect holly and dried grasses when we walked along the lane on Monday. Sadly, the hedge-cutter has been out and everything is gone, including the small oak saplings we found growing a few weeks ago. The plan was to walk a different route on Tuesday, armed with secateurs, but the weather put paid to that idea.

  1. The second of three very basic wreath shapes made from climbing bean stems in October 2020.

2. A handful of ivy tendrils, cut from my neighbour’s wall in pouring rain yesterday afternoon as Storm Barra swept in from the Irish sea; along with ivy flowers, some clematis stems and sprigs of rosemary from the pot on the patio.

3. Twist the ivy around the dried bean stems

4. and keep going until you’ve used up all the ivy – or get fed up!

5. Add ivy flowers and rosemary sprigs

6. Decide it needs more decoration and grab some fennel leaves from the raised bed, and last year’s dried lavender (conveniently still hanging up in the shed).

7. Decide enough is enough and escape indoors to warm up with a hot drink! Also decide that it’s time to buy something with winter colour that I can use for next-year’s wreath. A couple of pots of heather perhaps!

8. Brave wet and windy weather to drive to the crematorium and find a way to secure your wreath so it doesn’t blow away! A combination of a long stick and convenient fork in the trunk allowed me to hang the wreath before scurrying back to the car to dry out.

I wonder how long it will last?

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