Another grey and damp morning here in North Wales with not a lot going on gardening wise outdoors or in, though I did remember to water my houseplants this morning and gathered more leaves from the patio yesterday during the ten-minutes of sun. So, to this week’s Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator.

The babies on my air plants grew large enough to be removed. I’ve used a stand that previously held hanging candle holders and three glass ‘baubles’ that I’ve had in my craft cupboard for a while waiting for the ideal project.

The birds discovered my neighbour’s rowan berries after the storms and are fighting for the final few. Blackbirds and thrushes have stripped the fruit in less than a week.

Last week, I posted about my heuchera ‘Berry Smoothie’ and Sel, The Nostalgic Gardener suggested I check the roots. So I popped out at lunchtime and dug it up. A reasonable rootball and nothing appeared to be eating it (I didn’t have my reading glasses with me to see any beasties), so I’ve popped it in a pot and put it in the Tiny Greenhouse covered with a ‘cloche’ and see what happens.

I’ve been growing on the ends of a celery and a Romaine lettuce on the kitchen windowsill. It won’t be long before I have enough for a salad. The lettuce has been growing for four weeks, the celery for three, and I change the water every couple of days.

The potatoes are still storing well. This is the last of the first bag of ‘Pink Fir Apple’, there are another three to go. These were steamed for potato salad, with the leftovers going into a quick leek and potato soup.

Meanwhile, out of sight and out of mind, the perennial sweetpeas keep; a bit wind-battered but clinging on, which is a good job because I didn’t sow sweetpeas this autumn.

I was hoping to share a photograph of my neighbour’s trees finally coming down, but that hasn’t happened yet. But the weekend isn’t over and if we have a dry and mild day tomorrow, there might be some movement. I’m crossing my fingers but not holding my breath.

I was also hoping to pop down to the allotment tomorrow to collect my sprouts, but they’ve just put a message out to say the Park is closed as the river is in flood. There’s always next week!