Good morning from a very dark, damp, and misty corner of North East Wales. I’m counting the days until the winter solstice and the slow return to lighter, brighter days. This week and next, my entry for Six on Saturday is a retrospective of 2021 floral glories and a reminder of good things to come in 2022.







In other news, I’ve celebrated a birthday, seen friends (briefly and only on the doorstep), resurrected an old hobby (cross stitch embroidery) – my first (small) project has a floral theme and will be used for a birthday card for a friend.

School’s out for two weeks. It’s been full-on since September but, while I am going to take some time away from studying, two weeks of Christmas TV will soon drive me back to my books.

Thanks to The Propagator for hosting, and to all my fellow gardeners for allowing me into your gardens each week and exchanging hints and tips. My Plant Wish List is bulking out with all your recommendations; if only there was room to extend our garden to accommodate everything!