It was touch and go if I’d be able to publish anything today – not only because of lack of interest in the garden, but because WordPress has been playing up. I could read everyone’s posts on the Reader, I could access my own blog(s), but I couldn’t access the list of published and draft posts. WP Help suggested clearing my cache, cookies and browsing history. It made no difference but the issue resolved overnight so here I am with a rather sad looking Six on Saturday.

Hellebore – I first spotted flowers the week before Christmas (hidden beneath the leaves) and there are plenty of buds waiting to open.

It’s taken two years to grow this fennel, but it will have to be cut down in the spring as it has grown through one of my wire cages. It may yet turn out to be a Florence fennel.

I should have removed this pink from this pot and put it in the greenhouse, but it’s been moved to a sheltered spot and has rewarded me with this flower, which looks a lot nicer in real life.

And the rasberry is still fruiting though I won’t be eating these specimens.

A slightly out-of-focus of the two bay tree cuttings I took back in 2019 – still living outside, still growing. They might go into larger pots this year.

The sarracenia is looking rather tatty now. A job for spring is to cut off the dead pitchers (outside as it can be smelly) and move it into a larger pot and back outside.

So that’s it from a cold, wet and windy North Wales. I’ve got creative writing things to be getting on with, ready for submitting my second assignment in two weeks time.

Enjoy your weekend.