Here we are again! There is more than a hint of sunlight coming through the window, and no sign of fog despite dire warnings on yesterday’s weather forecast. Like most participants of Six on Saturday, my garden was – and still is – in need of a good tidy up. But I’ve made a start and Nature is doing her bit too!

I spent an hour in the garden on Tueday morning, taking a break from studies to clear my head. It was time for the fuchsias in the raised beds to have a haircut! It’s times like these when I wish I had asked for three narrower beds instead of two as they are just slightly wider than I can comfortably reach from either side and I had to turn to the long-handled loppers to attack that centre fuchsia in the first photograph. When the weather warms up, I’ll move a couple of fuchsias from the front garden to fill the gap on the other bed.

The fuchsia in the Lavender Border has put on plenty of new growth – all at the bottom! My plans to make this into a lollipop will be ditched as I might remove the mostly bare trunk.

While I had the secateurs in my hand, I also cut pruned the fuchsias in the front border and cut the grasses down.

Beneath all that grass, allium ‘Drumstick’ have started shooting. They appear to have increased in number, so I’m hopeful of plenty of flowers to come. No sign of the other alliums or crocus yet and the iris foliage is still resisting removal. It’s not a job my blunt secateurs can tackle so I might have to resort to hacking them off with the old bread knife I usually use the split their roots.

This campanula hasn’t stopped flowering, and there is still life in the alyssum I sowed two years ago.

The next job was to remove the remains of the Autumn Joy sedum. There is new growth just starting to come through, but not yet large enough for cuttings.

That’s my lot for this week. Today, I begin a new section in my course; it’s Week 14, just another 31 to go! In this new section we will be looking at Style (not fashion), Metafiction, and Intertextuality. My brain has already shut down and I haven’t even started.

Plus, I have just over a week to make sure my next assignment is fit to submit for assessment!

In other, random, news:

Am I the only one these weird things happen to?

On Thursday morning, I was walking from the car towards Tesco’s entrance and a man holding a small black box approached me saying he was from BBC Wales and asked if he could talk to me. The conversation went something like this:

BBC: What di you know about the trial at XXXX Crown Court?

Me: What trial?

BBC: The Anglesey Crossbow Murder.

Me: Only what I’ve seen on TV.

BBC: What about the fraud?

Me: What???

BBC: Any comments?

Me: Are you recording this conversation?

BBC: Yes

Me: Did I give you permission to record a conversation when I am trying to establish why you would want to interview a random person in Mold about events on Anglesey?

BBC: No. Sorry. I’ll delete it.

Me: Make sure you do!