The Potato Diaries: 2022 – January

A first look at this year’s seed potatoes from DT Brown, which were due by the end of January but arrived on the 11th. These are Mayan Rose maincrop potatoes; I think they look very pretty, though whether the skins keep their colour when cooked remains to be seen.

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The suppliers describe them as “A new variety and an offspring between the well know Phurejas varieties, Mayan Twilight and Mayan Gold” and go on to tell us that ” All Phureja’s potatoes have an excellent flavour and cook in a third less time than standard varieties. The yield may not be the best, but the taste more than compensates. Originating from the Andean valleys in South America, Phurejas potatoes benefit from a longer growing period than other varieties, ideally planted in warm soil at the end of March and harvested in September. Mayan Rose has a striking and unique coloured skin, cooking quickly when boiled and also ideal for mashing, roasting and wedges.

There are nineteen tubers; I’ve offered to split them with my brother and he’s taking just four, which leaves me with fifteen (I’m hoping he’ll decide to take more). As maincrop potatoes, there is no need to chit them, though several have already have shoots, so I may end up planting them sooner than March, but they can go into the Tiny Greenhouse until they sprout.

I’m still harvesting Pink Fir Apple potatoes from last year’s bags (I have three full bags and the dregs of a fourth left unless mice have got at them). The label said ‘Anya’ but I’m not convinced.

After four years of growing my own potatoes, I wonder if all the effort is worth it, not to mention the space their growing bags take up and the disposal of spent compost. I had hoped my neighbour would be true to his promise to cut down the trees that shade half my garden – so far, he’s cut one down, which has opened up his own space but made no difference to us. If he honours his promise to take another two down, that will bring more light in the summer months to our Shady Patio and leave the sunnier area by the oil tank for tomatoes.

3 thoughts on “The Potato Diaries: 2022 – January

  1. That’s something to look forward to. Will you plant them at the allotment as well?
    DT Brown were one of my favourite seed suppliers. Hopefully, at some future date I’ll be able to order from them again.

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  2. We have been looking at seed potatoes also and will order today – the usual British Queens! An old reliable and a favourite with us.

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