Good Morning from a windy North-East Wales, where crow has just flown past my window – backwards! The weather forecast currently is for “light winds” from the west,and slow moving clouds – err NO, we are catching the southerly edge of Storm Malik (named by the Danish Meteorological Institute).

Anyway, onwards and upwards with this week’s sad offerings for Six on Saturday, ably hosted by The Propagator.

I spy a snowdrop bud! There may be more.

The cotoneaster at the end of the Lavender Border was looking very brown and bare – but not for long! I may also take the pruning saw to it. Now I’ve cut it right down, I saw that it originated in my neighbour’s garden so had to sever a horizontal branch quite far back. If I can cut back more of the stump, I’ll use a propriety stump remover. Despite all the berries it produces each year, birds don’t seem to find them attractive enough to eat.

I’m probaby going to re-vamp this border later this year or early next as the lavenders become woodier each year and now sit too-far forward in this narrow border. New lavenders (from cuttings or maybe new plants)- set further back, dividing the clumps of Autumn Joy and placing them along the wall behind the lavenders, then lining the front of the border with the dwarf hebe ‘Champagne Ice’ (pale blue) should re-invigorate this area – and at no cost other than a new weed membrane. I’ll re-use the existing gravel, supplemented by cobbles from the Shady Border in the back garden (also in need of a revamp). No major gardening works can take place until I have completed my OU course on 29 September. Just the right time for plant moves and division!

The leeks have served us well – endless leek and potato soup, turkey (or chicken) ham and leek pies, or added to pasta and stir-fries. I use everything apart from the root and the very tips of the leaves.

New red Welsh onions coming soon. Not sure what happened to the white variety. I’ll sow more this year, but in pots until they establish. I’ll probably use part of my allotment bed as a nursery this these and established cuttings – I’ll just bury the pots.

My two pots of watercress are still growing well, and it tastes lovely too. Note to self: use more compost so the leaves are easier to get at!

Salsify should be ready to harvest soon. I never saw any flowers (small, purple). This is supposed to taste like oysters. (I have never eaten an oyster.)

Have a relaxing weekend everyone.