Good morning from a grey and cloudy North Wales. At present a gentle breeze is wafting the branches of the tall trees across the field, but our forecast is for heavy rain later and darker clouds are moving in from the south at quite a speed. I shall follow their example and move swiftly on to my entry for Six on Saturday, hosted by The Propagator.

Last Sunday morning we heard the welcome sound of a chain-saw in our neighbour’s garden, with this result. Not quite as short as I would have liked, but a start. No sign of an action in the back garden though.

We have a view!

The hellebore seems to be enjoying the extra light.

Narcissi ‘Minnow’ – just peeping over the top of the pot (planted 19 December).

My third attempt to grow a ginger plant from a piece of supermarket ginger and I have a shoot – after eight weeks

The iris reticulata ‘Joyce’ is late this year compared to 2020 (first year) and 2021, though it does look as though I’ll be able to split them into two pots once they’ve died back.

And the narcissi and daffs are just as bad. This is a pity as, on Tuesday we are attending my step-father-in-law’s funeral. Both my father-in-law (January 1981) and my mother-in-law (January 2014) had their ashes scattered on the Rose Garden. I would have liked to leave a posy of garden flowers in their memory, but it’s not to be.

These are some of the same pots from February 2020 – I’ve lost the cyclamen though.

It back to the studying for me today. I lost three hours yesterday when my computer decided to update and got stuck in a loop which even the old trick of switching it off and on again failed to clear. Fortunately, I back-up my work daily.