Good morning on this grey and wet – but thankfully not as windy – day. I hope everyone survived with homes and gardens intact.

For health and safety reasons, Images 2-5 were taken from the safety of my Study window – hence the poor quality of my Six on Saturday (which should really have been a ‘One on Wednesday’ or ‘Two on Thursday’); I make the best of what I’ve got!

Before the storms, ‘Joyce’ popped her head above the parapet. She’s still there!

A casualty from Storm Dudley earlier this week – a snapped fennel stem.

I took the precaution of securing the garden furniture and storing the wheelbarrow inside my Potting Shed, rather than on top of the woodstore – just in case!

A view from my study window. Note the large log corralling the pots (they tend to creep across the patio in high winds).

We’re still standing – for now! Our neighbour’s trees are dangerously close to our shed and conservatory – and a tree across the field (my camera is too slow as when I pressed the shutter the dangly branches were almost horizontal).

Narcissi ‘Minnow’ update – coming along nicely

Today, I am attempting to dry towels in my Potting Shed. I’ve stretched garden canes across from one of the cupboards to a beam. It’s marginally warmer in there and out of the rain and sleet that is currently lashing the windows – and they won’t blow away. (We are waiting for a delivery of heating oil, otherwise they’d be inside on the clothes airer).

I’m very lucky that’s all I’ve got to worry about.