I do like a frosty, sunny morning; not so much when we’re still waiting for a delivery of heating oil that keeps being put back amid claims of a shortage due to events in the Ukraine. While the people of that country have all my sympathy for getting caught up in events not of their own making, that has only really kicked off in the last week – we’ve been waiting for our delivery for three and I’m still drying washing in my Potting Shed. It’s supposed to arrive today, so while I’m waiting, here’s this week’s Six on Saturday.

After Eunice, then Franklin, there was a break in the weather on Monday afternoon, and I spotted these – the dark purple crocuses had appeared almost overnight. They are in the shadier section of the front border and appear to be inching their way towards their paler sisters as there a lot more of them than I ever planted. They are darker than they appear.

Showing iris reticulata ‘Joyce’ again – with more flowers and lots to come.

A new purchase – a pot of five hyacinths ‘Blue Pearl’ bought from Lidl for £2.99. Bargain! Though they had them outside the store – in the snow that suddenly fell this morning – I’ve put them on the kitchen windowsill, though I might move them to my study so I can smell them when the flowers open.

And the start of my very small snowdrop collection – seven flowers in total. I planted fifty in October!

At last, a blurry narcissi.

Then several more to follow

I’ve pruned my sarracenia this morning, cutting off all the dead, dying, and damaged pitchers to reveal new ones. It looks as though I should be able split this into at least three separate plants, maybe four.

In other news:

It’s that time of year when, yet again, I go through the list of Followers on this blog and prune it. Not posted for six months? Removed. I can’t open the link to your site? Removed. Your blog is nothing to do with gardening? Removed. I have different blogs for different interests. THIS ONE welcomes gardeners, allotmenteers, and other like-minded folk who generously share their gardening tips and plant knowledge, for which I thank you all.