There is plenty going on in the garden after a few sunny but cool days, though today is no different, Not quite warm enough to sit out without a coat due to the easterly breeze, but yesterday I sat in the conservatory and read for an hour; first time this year but with the temperature at 22 degrees, it was too good an opportunity to miss. On to this week’s Six on Saturday.

In the small shady back border, the shrub honeysuckle has plenty of leaves, though the temporary trellis of canes I made needs replacing with something sturdier and less likely to poke my husband in the eye as he goes to his shed.

Clematis ‘montana’ has flower buds forming. I think these are the pink variety.

The iris clumps I chopped down a few weeks ago are sending up new shoots (and really need splitting)

Minnow? or Tete-a-tete? Or both? A couple of weeks before these flower, though they have been as late as mid-April.

Another allium is making an effort to catch up with ‘Drumstick.

And the peonies are showing their lovely red new growth.

Since taking these photos a couple of days ago, I’ve mulched more of the front border with spent potato compost (and found enough Pink Fir spuds to make a small (very) potato salad.

Jobs for the Weekend/Week Ahead

  • With no rain forecast for a few days, this will be the ideal time to re-connect the Potting Shed waterbutt and tape the joints.
  • Make a new trellis for the shrubby honeysuckle using sticks we ‘rescued’ last year after hacking back our neighbour’s overhanging branches. (Looking forward to NOT having to do that this year).
  • Empty the remaining large pots and give them all a good clean ready for use.
  • Clean the patio furniture.
  • Sow early carrot seeds (probably a waste of time, but fingers crossed).
  • Ditto beetroot
  • Ditto radish
  • Sow salad leaves

I have an online tutorial for two hours this afternoon, a new Chapter of my course to start, and I’m still recovering from the trauma of my last assignment: the marks were better than expected.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Get your jobs done today so you can relax and enjoy your gardens tomorrow.