The list of garden jobs I planned for last weekend have stretched out over the week, thanks to a visit to the Allotment on Sunday, a very cold and dull Monday, and not forgetting the studying.

DONE: Re-connect the Potting Shed waterbutt and tape the joints (and I remembered to turn the tap off). As we’ve had no rain since, I’ve had to water the garden with the hose – we need a new one!

DONE: Sow early carrot and beetroot seeds – probably a waste of time, but fingers crossed – (at the Allotment) along with parsnips and turnips.

DONE: Make a new trellis for the shrubby honeysuckle – I’ve used twine as I’ve temporarily “misplaced” my roll of wire.

DONE: But not on the list – sowed some herb seeds – garlic chives, coriander, thyme, curly parsley, Greek basil and common basil . . .


. . . ‘Musselburgh’ leeks . . .


. . . and Spring Onions (apparently there were none to be had in the supermarket!)

spring onions

DONE: Empty the remaining large pots and give them all a good clean ready for use.

DONE: Clean the patio furniture – now waiting for the patio to dry so I can clear up the flakes of original white paint! I’m hoping to find time to re-paint these in the summer.

The only things missing from my original list are:

  • Sow salad leaves
  • Sow radishes