I’m rather late to the Six on Saturday party this morning – my excuse is that I’ve been sowing salad leaves and rocket. Nothing is ever simple in our house: I first had to rake some compost out of the compost bin, riddle it with a garden sieve to remove the pieces of twig hubbie failed to cut small enough. Then I had to find my modules and trays (on top of the cupboard because I was never going to use them again), re-riddle to compost through an old colander – and only then could I sow the seeds.

The remains of the lavender cuttings I took back in 2019. Time to pot these on now they’ve had a haircut. No idea what was in the empty pots: sedum Autumn Joy maybe, but there are a few hebe ‘Champagne Ice’ in there too.

This really is a scruffy rosemary plant that never does well. Perhaps a larger pot and fresh compost with added grit might sort it out. Early bees like the flowers though, so no action until warmer weather.

Fennel flowers – and a little friend. Pretty, but they’ll have to go once I start tidying the raised beds ready for planting.

The fuchsias at the back of the raised beds are coming back to life. I must make the effort to keep on top of them this year. And I’ve transplanted four from the front border

I definitely need to divide ‘Autumn Joy’. I have three plants and haven’t divided them since I planted them. I’m considering removing the lavenders after they flower this year and replacing the whole border with sedums – these, and the ground cover ones that I currently have in the ‘temporary’ sedum bed under my sitting room window.

With 2020s emergency potato compost finally removed from the old washing machine drum, I discovered that the pot containing my perennial sweetpeas fits it perfectly. Four canes and a spiral of twine later . . . I’ve added some ‘Cupani’ seeds I saved from last year. Once the pots of spring bulbs have finished, I’ll move this out of the shade.

With rain and lower temperatures forecast for next week, I won’t be doing anything in the garden. I have a wheelbarrow full of old compost to spread on the front garden either this afternoon or tomorrow and another large pot to empty, then it’s a case of waiting until the weather warms up again so I can plant up my potatoes.

The clocks go forward tonight. It seems to take longer to recover from that missing hour with each year that passes. No doubt it will not be helped this year with two new(ish) neighbours whose car alarms seems to take it in turns to go off in the early hours. If only they each made sure to close their car windows fully, I might manage an unbroken night’s sleep.