Things are getting busy in the garden just now. The nice weather helps of course, but that is set to change next week – hopefully not for too long. I didn’t make a list of things to do, but I found enough to keep me busy on Sunday morning, despite the loss of an hour!

The first thing on my mind was emptying the final two pots containing spent tomato compost from last year, and spreading it on the remainder of my front border. I just had enough!

I’ve had a further sort out on what was the Shady Patio, which is noticeably less shady now. It makes it easier to get to the one watter butt that actually contains water.

Beneath the shelf with the pink pot above, is our home-made bug hotel. Not, perhaps, in the optimum position for insects, but a closer look shows that some of the bamboo has been sealed, so I’m hopeful that there are solitary bee larvae in there.

Trees are blossoming in my neighbours’ gardens

Despite all my (opposite) neighbour’s constant pruning of the shrubs planted by her late husband, the weeping cherry tree in front of her window has survived to flower this year. It looks much better in real life.

Now, if we are going to have rain this week, please make it more than a shower but less than a deluge!