That was a shock to the system. One minute we’re feeling the heat as the sun bakes the garden, the next we’re watching falling snow, scraping car windscreens and wearing extra layers. Happily, the garden seems unscathed. This week’s Six on Saturday are a mixed bunch, but there are more delights on The Propagator’s blog, so do pop over and take a peep.

A success – Regular readers may remember the sad appearance of my heuchara ‘Berry Smoothie’ which I’d cut back after it grew too leggy. I dug it up last autumn and lovingly nurtured and cosseted it chucked it in a pot in the Tiny Greenhouse and look at it now.

The shady patio is less shady than it used to be at 11 am. I’ve got my eye on that corner by the conservatory for my potato bags this year as it’s handy for the water butt. I’ve just moved the pots to the area by the fence.

Snowdrops and ‘Pickwick’ crocuses did their thing for about two weeks, then gracefully left the stage to anemone Blanda Blue and white. And my first white fritillary has appeared.

Seeds are germinating. Of the flower seeds sown on 12 March, only the primroses aren’t showing any signs of growth, while the salads sown on the 26th have made a good start.

I brought out the pots that were sheltering at the side of the brick shed – 3 hebes, 2 fuchsias and a fennel. The fuchsias are for my brother, but I’ve moved them to smaller pots as I need the larger ones for my new chrysanthemums. More on those once they start growing.

More new growth has appeared on raspberry ‘Yummy’, despite the plunging temperatures this week. I’m looking forward to more than one raspberry every two weeks in 2022!

I’ll have more time to spend in the garden now as the formal part of my MA studies concluded yesterday. There are still three assignments to do and the equivalent of a dissertation to write and submit by 29th September. I’ll have to stick to the schedule I’ve drawn up, but will find time to relax and do other things too, starting with a half-day off on Tuesday for my husband’s birthday and a sortie out to one of the local discount stores for gardening supplies, including some small solar lights (now we have sunlight to power them), and gravel trays (I used cat litter trays). We might even have a coffee while we’re there. What a treat after two years of not going out.

Fingers crossed the weather warms up soon. Enjoy your weekend whatever you have planned.