I should have known better than to trust the weather forecast – “mainly sunny with some showers later”. Mr O: ‘It wasn’t raining when I put the washing out‘. It isn’t raining as I write this at 10 am – it is rain and sleet mixed with hailstones! Never mind – onwards and upwards with this week’s Six on Saturday hosted by The Propagator.

Narcissi ‘Minnow’ in the front border (the indoor ones don’t even have buds yet so I’ve put them outside where it’s cooler).

I’ve mulched another section of the front border – this image wastaken before the lastest round of April showers. I’ve given up trying to dig out the aquilegia, besides it fills a few gaps and it’s always interesting to see what colours come up this year.

Peonies and astilbes. The astilbes have struggled in this border for the last three years. Once I can see where they all are hiding (when they grow through the mulch), the plan is to dig them out, split them and pot them up to use in the Shady Border next year. I expect a growth spurt after all the showers.

The lavenders were looking very sorry for themselves. Is this the year to dig them out, replenish the compost and try a new look?

For now I’ve given the front sections had a severe pruning. If this works, they may have a stay of execution.

I’m surprised these pinks from 2019’s charity pot are still going, but there is new growth so I should get another year. Proof that we had a mild winter as I’d left them outside.

The recent spell of hot, cold, warm and cool weather has confused my Thanksgiving Cactus – again!

It’s not the only thing that’s confused. Things that should have flowered by now (Tete-a-Tete narcissi) haven’t, things that shouldn’t (weeds) are. Everything else is stop start – a bit like myself! I did have jobs to do in the garden but it’s still to cold to plant my potatoes, and too wet fot anything else, so it’s back to the studying for me.

If the weather is warm and dry where you are, you’re probably outside already; if not – it’s time for morning coffee and a biscuit or three while you scroll through the other Sixes.