My birthday present pot of narcissi ‘Minnow’ have put out lots of leaves but there are no signs of flowers. They are well behind the outdoor Minnows which have been in flower for a couple of weeks.

Roots were coming out of the bottom of the pot and the pot had split, so I concluded they were searching for nutrients due to overcrowding, and in danger of me overwatering them. Plus, when the sun shines, my study windowsill gets very warm – too warm for spring bulbs?

I’ve re-potted them and put them outside on one of my raised beds. I’m sure I heard them heave a huge sigh of relief!

I’ve sown ten loofah seeds and they have replaced the narcissi on my study windowsill – they need lots of heat to germinate. I’m going to use a separate post to chart their progress but this is what I am hoping to see – eventually. I’m growing these alongside Monty Don (Gardener’s World) who sowed his seeds in last Friday’s epidode. I don’t think a day or two will make a difference – but he has access to large greenhouses, and I don’t, so if I manage one plant with a couple of loofahs it will be a bonus. I am therefore hoping for a hot summer and warm autumn.

I’ve settled on the final layout for the Shady Patio, leaving plenty of room for my potato growing bags which, hopefully, I will start later this week. The lemon balm is growing well, but I must find a place for the three shrubby honeysuckles, or at least pot them on.

And while I was outside, I’ve added the temporary waterbutts as the fixed ones were overflowing after the rain, sleet and hail of last week. As my temporary method of filling them involved plunging my arms into freezing water to get the air bubbles out of the hoses I use to keep them filled, I should make a note NOT to do this after a night of below zero temperatures. One of these days I will come up with a better method that doesn’t involve using bricks to hold the lids on.

Any suggestions?