Even though I am no longer in paid employment, I still like to take advantage of a Bank Holiday, but I lose track of the days.

It’s all go here though: I’ve planted my potatoes this morning (separate post on it’s way) and my husband is currently painting the wooden arch in the front garden ready for some restoration work, which I won’t bore you with today.

Moving swiftly on, here are this week’s Six on Saturday from sunny and warm North Wales, where the roads to the coast are no doubt crowded and everyone else is queuing to get to the top of Snowdon, and where all our heritage steam trains are in danger of running out of coal. Just another holiday weekend!

Clematis montana (pink) has been poised to flower for weeks.

The front border is filling out nicely, though the tips of the feather grass were nipped by the cold weather at the end of March.

But – finally – the ‘Tete-a-tete’ narcissi are getting ready to flower.

The nectaroscirdum and alliums have put on a growth spurt, so I’m expecting great things of them.

A new purchase of four small solar lights. Currently in the ‘blue’ pots but I’ll be moving them around until I’m happy with their position. At 99p each, they were a bargain, though I had to go online to find where the ON switch is. I should have bought more.

My neighbour’s tree-clearing efforts have opened up unexpected – though very narrow – vistas; with the added complication of potential unwanted access to our rear garden. We used to have a trellis behind the large water butt. Time to reinstate it, I think. The dying plant in their garden is an ivy that smothered one of their fruit trees; they’ve cut the stem and are waiting for it to die before removing it. If only they’d done the same years ago with the ivy that is holding their wall together.

I have now retired indoors for the remainder of the day due to grass and tree pollen levels. The grass pollen is because my neighbour has bought himself a ride-on mower and has been trundling up and down the field immediately behind our patio. I hope he doesn’t make a habit of it.

Enjoy your long weekend – don’t forget to pause and smell the flowers.